Back for the 2024 race season are the Squad Plus Training Groups. I have picked, in my opinion, the biggest four long distance races in the UK and set up special training groups for each race. Join in with fellow triathletes on the same journey as you follow a tailored training plan, get tips to maximise your potential and share stories with our community.

Which races have I chosen?

The races are:

These are all fantastic races, very well organised with incredible support and incredible racing. They are not the only great races and if you want me to add a different training group for a different race, let me know.

What do I get as a member of a training group?

You get a tailored training plan building to your big day, your A race. This is not simply a cut and paste plan that you can find anywhere online or in magazines but a dynamic plan that is designed for you, your aims and your fitness levels. It adapts as you adapt, if you need to change your training around work commitments or holidays then I will happily do that. You get a training plan designed with your race in mind.

You get access to a range of articles in the member only area of this website, a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share successes or race reports, get support from other training group members. You get articles every month on relevant topics to your current training, an explanation of what we are doing this month and also why we are doing this.

What does it cost to join a Training Group?

You have two options. Anyone who is a Squad Plus member can join a training group for the same price, £53 every month. There is no commitment other than month by month and you can join or leave at any time. Obviously I hope you will love what I offer and join for a long time!

The new option is to pay in advance and get extra months of training for free. Until the 31st August for Lakesman Half and Ironman UK, get upto 12 months training for the price of 9. Pay 3 installments of £159 at the start of your membership, after 3 months & 6 months and get the rest of your training up to race day for free. For Outlaw, the end date is September 30th and for Ironman Wales it is 31st October. The sooner you sign up, the more training is included in the offer.

Interested? Contact me using the link below or send me a message

An Example – The Lakesman in 2024 is on 16th June. If you join the Lakesman training group on 25th July, you would pay £159 on 25th July, 25th October and 25th January. Your training after 25th April to race day would be effectively free of charge, an extra 1 month and 22 days for free. If you sign up on the last day of the offer, 31st August (for Lakesman), you would still get 19 days for free. The earlier you sign up, the more training you get included.