Little Wins That Add Up

Being a great triathlete or endurance athlete is not just about training hard, it is about being a healthy human first of all. Being a healthy human can be difficult, life can be tough and doing the right thing all the time is not easy. One way to look after yourself and keep it simple is to work on little wins. You might just aim for one little win per day but keep trying and these little wins add up. The trick is to keep them easily achievable and if you miss a day, it doesn’t matter, but celebrate when you achieve your little wins.

It is easy to make up your own little wins but here are a few ideas to get you started. Maybe write them down when you have done one – in your calendar, on a notepad or in your training plan.

  • Eat an extra piece of fruit
  • Get an extra 15 minutes sleep
  • Turn off your phone before bed to get a better-quality night’s sleep
  • Do your stretching exercises
  • Go for a walk for 15 minutes instead of social media
  • Stroke a cat or dog – reduces stress
  • Get your drinks bottles and kit ready the night before
  • Try out an exciting new recipe
  • Read a book, magazine or article
  • Enjoy your favourite comedy – laugh more
  • Smile at a family member or friend
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Charge your Garmin before it runs out
  • Try a new running or cycling route
  • Play a board game with a loved one
  • Check your tyre pressures
  • Do a sweat test
  • Listen to your coach!