If you are not ready to make the jump to a full coaching package, why not have a look at our Squad membership?

Designed for anyone who doesn’t want the full personal coaching experience but still wants / needs a structured training plan, I’ve launched the Pennine Endurance Squad. Squad Plus membership will give you access to weekly session plans in swim, bike, run and strength training, following an annual plan aiming to target your specific target race and based on your current (& future) fitness levels. All the benefits of a structured, organised, training plan but without the coaching element. If you are happy to train by yourself but need help with the details then this could be ideal.

New for the 2023 race season are the Squad Plus Training Groups. I have picked, in my opinion, the biggest four long distance races in the UK and set up special training groups for each race. Join in with fellow triathletes on the same journey as you follow a tailored training plan, get tips to maximise your potential and share stories with our community.

Every 4 weeks your session plans are delivered via your Training Peaks account (a basic account can be set up for free) and are accompanied by a pdf description of the month, the aims and reasoning plus a separate technical article. This article will cover a range of topics appropriate to the month from bike skills, sweat tests, race preparation or nutrition planning. A Facebook group has been set up for Squad members to ask questions, discuss technical articles or share photos of their training. Sharing knowledge and experiences is just as important as the actual training plan.

Squad PlusSquad Plus Training Groups
£53 every month£53 every month or pay in advance & get extra months for free
Includes full benefits of Club membershipIncludes full benefits of Club membership
Based on annual training plan with full periodisationBased on annual training plan with full periodisation

Tailor made to fit your target race
Specific training groups for the biggest UK races

Lakesman (& Lakesman Half), Ironman UK , Outlaw & Ironman Wales.
Join a community of triathletesJoin a community of athletes (with the same goals)
Can start anytimeCan start anytime
Includes session plans in swim, bike, run and strength & conditioningIncludes session plans in swim, bike, run and strength & conditioning
Delivered by Training Peaks every 4 weeks – you will need at least a Basic accountDelivered by Training Peaks every 4 weeks – you will need at least a Basic account
Support on Facebook pagesSupport on Facebook pages
Access to all articles, videos and resourcesAccess to all articles, videos and resources
Not actively coachedNot actively coached

The Squad Plus membership plan is aimed at a beginner to intermediate level for sprint, Olympic, middle (70.3) races. If you are planning on racing Ironman / long distance next year then I would always recommend a full coaching package as the commitment required is much greater but the Squad Plus would still be a great choice. Similarly, if you are aiming to qualify for a championships, beat your best friend in a “friendly” rivalry or break free from a plateau then my full coaching package is the best idea.

If you are interested in Squad membership, contact me via the button below or by email at ian@pennineendurance.co.uk