Here are all of the reviews I have received of my coaching, completely unedited and in full. I am happy to share both the good and the bad (hopefully the bad are rare but they can be a great learning experience).

Ironman UK (Bolton) – July 2021 – Andy H

“Can I ask that you send me a review of the coaching Squad that you would be happy for me to publish?”

Would I recommend Ian Mostyn and the Pennine Endurance Squad? Absolutely yes.

About me;
Shortly after turning 50, I decided to enter the world of Long-distance triathlon, namely 70.3 (middle distance) and 140.6 (Full distance) Ironman. I started exercise at the relatively late age of 47, I was still a novice to all triathlon and still developing my body and mind to become an athlete. I had been overweight and struggled with anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. I am a complex person (to say the least) and make strange choices, like entering an Ironman event.

About the squad;
Being a part of a close group of athletes has been a real bonus to me. I originally thought that triathlon was for selfish A-type personalities. I felt overwhelmed by technical jargon and didn’t want to feel alone. The squad members were very open about their worries and Ian always supported the comments and never judged us. Our questions seemed to be magically answered by regular guidance notes expertly written by Ian, who considered the experience of the group, with incredibly well-written explanations of, techniques, tips, science and personal experience. These alone would be enough to justify being a squad member.

About Ian;
At first, I was unsure about how to utilise a coach. Would he be the right coach for me, could he deal with my panics, could he add value above and beyond the usual information, could he write a plan with me (as a person, not an athlete) in mind?  Ian over delivered in all of these areas and more. He wrote a plan which suited my lifestyle and inexperience. We learned together how to maximise my time (and lack of) to get me from a nervous, inexperienced cyclist into an athlete who relishes hills and long-distance challenges. The swimming; how do you coach a rubbish swimmer who panics and has no technique into a smooth, relaxed swimmer, during a pandemic? Ian listened to my concerns, helped me relax via his reassuring comments. My longest ride was 56 miles and my longest swim was 1 mile, both incredibly slow. No way I should be able to complete a full Ironman and make the cut-off times.  
His flexible, athlete-centric approach was fantastic throughout and was tested to the limit 5 weeks before my A race when I broke my big toe. I thought the dream was over. However, Ian kept calm and instantly responded with a phone call and rapidly developed a plan that worked on my weaknesses whilst respecting the healing process.

During the toughest event imaginable, Ironman UK in biblical conditions, Ian was on the route throughout jog alongside me when I was at my lowest physical and mental point. I still can’t believe I achieved an impossible dream. It would not be possible without Ian’s guidance, support, wisdom and now friendship.

Would I recommend Ian as a coach for someone either starting their Ironman journey or someone who wants to get the best out of themselves? Absolutely YES.

P.S. don’t tell him, he should charge more.  

Andy H