• Everyone is an individual – coach the person not the plan
  • Coaching is a partnership – we have to work well with each other
  • Honest & open communication – I’m a blunt Yorkshireman and I’ll tell you straight. Some things work, some don’t, what matters is that we trust each other and change as needed
  • Mental strength / training is just as important as physical strength
  1. Stay Safe & Look After Everyone
  2. Everyone is Welcome
  3. Enjoy Yourself

These three rules started off as a way to get my kids to walk the dog with me more often and have evolved over time to three rules I use for life in general. Staying safe is fairly obvious, keep healthy, look after yourself and try not to do anything stupid!

For rule two, everyone is genuinely welcome. It doesn’t matter what colour, race or gender you are. It doesn’t matter what your sexual preference is or isn’t, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or carnivore. Your religion (or not) makes no difference, neither does the language you speak (although English and French is far easier! I am willing to learn other languages). All I am looking for is a desire to improve yourself and a love of swim, bike, run in any of its variations.

Ultimately, we are all in this sport to enjoy ourselves, to improve our health and to challenge our limits. It might be a cliche but I want to maximise your potential, whether you are racing to win or to achieve what might have been impossible for you in the past and just finish.

Final rule of triathlon coaching – enjoy yourself!