Current Plan = Lockdown Return

Sample Plans

Plans are available as pdf documents that can easily be printed off and taken to the pool. Each session plan is clear and easy to read and can be printed off any size but works best at A5 or A4. One simple way to take the plans to the pool is to print double sided at your favourite size and place them in a plastic wallet or zip lock bag to keep them dry at the pool. All plans also include a cover sheet with details of the equipment needed and technique to perform any drills. All plans include at least one CSS Test (Critical Swim Speed) which is used to create your own individual swim pace zones and every plan includes a page to both record your results and calculate your zones.

The following images are example sessions.


Plans are priced at £24 each – £1 per session, less than the price of many energy bars or gels. Each plan will have an opening offer for the first 2 weeks after launch – £20 – to encourage as many people to get training earlier

If you are not certain which swim ability level to choose I offer a simple promise. If you discover that you have picked the wrong swimming ability level, let me know within the first 30 days and I’ll happily send you the correct level of the same plan. I want you to be happy with the swim plan you pick and to maximise your swimming potential.