No, coaching services are provided on a month by month basis although I hope that you will stay with me for a long time. All billing is done at the start of the month so you will stay coached until the end of that month
For your first month, I work out the pro-rata rate for the remaining days of the month. Then you can pay either by bank transfer (BACS or standing order) or Paypal at the start of the month. Bank transfer is preferred.
Firstly, I hope that you won't want to cancel your coaching but if you do, just let me know at any point during the month and your coaching will finish at the end of the month. Don't forget to cancel any standing orders.
If you are interested in coaching, simply complete the contact form with your details and a description about your triathlon history and what you want to achieve. We can then have an informal chat to make sure that we are a good match. This has to be a two-way decision as we will be working closely together. After that I will send you a detailed questionnaire to get to know more about you, your history in triathlon and your aims. I can then work out your training plan and we will have another chat to go through the details.
Honesty most of all, particularly in your performances and training. If something is not right, I want to know right away so that we can fix it. Open communication between us is the key to a successful relationship. I want you to put the work in. We will agree what you are able to do, I'll happily explain why. If you can't do the planned sessions, we can change the sessions but you need to do the work to achieve your goals. Finally, I want you to want this. You need the desire to work hard and achieve your potential.
I fully support all the anti-doping rules in place to protect our sport and I believe that drug taking has no place. I am a WADA accredited advisor and have pledged to the Ironman "I am True" campaign. If you are taking performance enhancing drugs and admit this to me, I will help you to stop and eventually race clean. If I find out from elsewhere or you start taking drugs again then I will immediately terminate our relationship. I will also not tolerate any abuse of myself, other athletes, race officials etc. You are expected to uphold the highest moral values at all times
You will need a Training Peaks account and your training plan will be delivered into the account. Your account will be linked to my coaching account so that I can see what training you have done, make comments as needed and change sessions if required.