Bolt-On Services

I offer a range of additional services that are included free for my personal 1-to-1 coached athletes and at a discounted price for Squad & Club members. Squad members get 15% off all prices, Club Members get 10% discount on all bolt-on services.

Individual Consultation

Do you have questions about your training or want some coaching advice? Maybe you are happy planning & organising your training yourself but want some help with a specific topic. Book an appointment for a phone or video call with an experienced coach, backup and support when you need it. If you would like a video call, this can be recorded and kept for reference.

£30 for up to 30 minutes or £60 for up to 1 hour

Swim Stroke Video Analysis

Get a thorough analysis on your front crawl stroke, tips to improve your efficiency and speed, drills to help you get faster. Using advanced video analysis software, we can get a very accurate view of your stroke, look for any areas of inefficiency. Send me ideally 4 videos of half to one length from each of the following angles.

  • Underwater view from the front – half length coming in to the wall
  • Above water view from the front – half length coming in to the wall
  • Underwater view from the side – 10 to 12 strokes mid-length
  • Overhead view from the side – looking down from the top to check body alignment, about 10 to 12 strokes mid-length

What do you get? Copies of video clips with areas of interest marked, detailed notes on any issues and advice / drills to correct & improve your stroke. Plus a discount voucher for a follow-up video analysis within 6 months.

£45 for Video Stroke Analysis

WKO5 Analysis

If you use TrainingPeaks (you can get a free basic account if you need), I can download and analyse the last few months of your training data to provide a more detailed insight into your fitness and suggest some changes to your training to maximise the benefit. Endurance training is about efficiency, doing the right training for your goals, and all the information you need is hidden in the data.

WKO5 is a powerful piece of software that gives an incredible amount of detail that we can use to provide a detailed breakdown of your current fitness, strengths & weaknesses and provide a simple list of recommendations to maximise your training.

£45 for a full analysis of the last 3 months of training data plus a voucher for a reduced price follow-up after 6 – 8 weeks

Best Bike Split – Coming Soon

Plan race day with the most advanced race planning software in the world. Check weather conditions, predict race time, calculate your required power up & down hills, choose the best equipment PLUS create a race simulation file that can be used on a smart trainer to practice your race plan (using Zwift, TrainerRoad or a Wahoo KICKR).
Racing with a Garmin Edge or watch? Most Garmin devices will allow you to create power alerts, displaying your planned power at any specific part of the course. The ultimate in race day execution!

From £45 – coming soon