Personal, Squad & Club Coaching for Ironman, Triathlon and Swim, Bike or Run events.

What is your big aim for the next 12 months?

1. Tackle a big personal challenge?

Do you have a bucket list event that you would like to do? Maybe an Ironman or a marathon? These are very popular challenges, often with a deeply personal background, a lot of meaning. Having a coach can make these events significantly easier, having someone with the experience and knowledge to guide you.

2. Develop & grow in swim, bike & run?

Maybe you have done a couple of events or are already training & competing in one of the individual sports and want to take it further. A coach can help you be efficient with your time and resources, fitting training around a busy life, work & family commitments. Trying to do all this by yourself can be daunting and a coach can make the logistics of training and racing a lot easier and a lot more fun.

3. To beat a personal best?

Do you have a few seasons training & racing under your belt, maybe even a couple of Ironman events and 70.3 but you have reached a plateau? You might be happy with the basics of training plans and race tactics but need a little help to take the next step. Having accountability to a coach, a fresh set of eyes to look at your training and the wider knowledge base can be the difference between a good race season and a great one!

Why have a coach?

Whether this will be your first ever triathlon or you are racing to qualify for Kona, having a coach in your corner can make all the difference. It’s about the relationship, the joy of training, accountability and making race day the best you can.

Personal Training Plans

Custom, individual, training plans based on your aims, your strengths, your weaknesses. A training plan built around your lifestyle that is adaptable, practical and designed to maximise your potential on race day. A training plan designed by getting to know you.

Why Pennine Endurance Coaching?

I take a thoughtful approach to both setting and monitoring your training, learning and adapting as we go along. Race day preparation and post-race analysis are important tools for all my athletes. If you love the details, the science behind what we do, then the Marginal Gains plan is perfect. We take a detailed view of every aspect of training and race day to seek out all the small improvements, the marginal gains.

Review from Andy H – Ironman UK (Bolton) 2021

Would I recommend Ian Mostyn and the Penning Endurance Squad? Absolutely yes. His flexible, athlete-centric approach was fantastic throughout and was tested to the limit 5 weeks before my A race when I broke my big toe. I still can’t believe I achieved an impossible dream. It would not be possible without Ian’s guidance, support, wisdom and now friendship. FULL REVIEW HERE